Inspiring Aspirations

October 22, 2019

My girlfriend and I agreed to a couples massage therapy with Jose and Jasper and I’ve got to say it was easily one of the best decisions of our lives. I was astonished at how comfortable the ambience was from the the start to finish and how intricate their knowledge is on the (massage over) matter. I have learned more about myself through them than I have anywhere else. Safe to say I will be doing this again but only with Jose and Jasper. Thank you.

francisco hernandez

The best therapist in Tampa Bay

October 8, 2019

From the moment you meet Jasper, You are put at ease. His superior knowledge of anatomy combined with his extensive training means each massage is completely personalized to what your body truly needs. His gifts in reiki and eastern healing only further compliment western style massages that leave clients feeling balanced in mind, body and spirit. Take it from someone who has had massages all over the world and seen many a therapists. Jasper offers a far superior healing experience that can’t be beat!


Best Massage Ever!

October 2, 2019

I recently booked Jasper and Jose for a couples massage for my girlfriend and I. We were so impressed by their set up and how knowledgeable they are about spotting our pain spots. What I like the most was the explanation they give about what your body goes through, we got a super great massage and learned how to take care of ourselves more. Massage over matter rocks!


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