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What’s a PiH?

A Partner-in-Health (PiH) is one who strives to achieve better balance in health and wellness of the Body and Mind on a daily basis through the adaptation of services and suggestions offered by Massage Over Matter and/or their partners into their daily/monthly routines.

The PiH Mission

Mediation and even REVERSAL of almost any dis- ease/order by placing ourselves in a proper healing environment.

Access to Specialists

Massage Over Matter has an extensive network of partners specializing in all forms of natural and homeopathic remedies and often refers clients to reputable and highly qualified practitioners in conjunction with the many modes of therapy offered within the scope of our own practice.

Benefits and Qualifications

*Subject to PiH Program Terms and Conditions*


Platinum (Buy-In) PiH Participants:

  • ➢ Complementary 90 min Birthday Massage
  • ➢ 10% off all additional services, fees, and products
  • ➢ Every 7th qualified massage is on us
  • ➢ Complementary 90 min massage for every 3 referrals
  • ➢ Access to most recent promotional rates, whether publicly available or not
  • ➢ Exclusive MoM PiH events

Elite (Earned) PiH Participants

  • ➢ All Platinum PiH Participant Benefits PLUS::
  • ➢ One (1) Complementary Add-on service every 30 days maintained as a PiH!
  • ➢ One (1) Complementary NES Health BWS Scan and miHealth treatment every 90 days maintained as a PiH!


Two ways to qualify as a PiH:

  • ➢ Earned (Grants Elite PiH Status)
    • o Two (2) massage services per month over the preceding 90 days
  • ➢ Buy-In (Grants Platinum PiH Status)
    • o Purchase a 6- or 12-pack of massage services

PiH Program Terms & Conditions



  • ➢ Two (2) qualified massage services (excluding add-ons) per month over the preceding 90 days. This is on a continual basis, meaning status can be lost as soon as 2 days after it’s gained!
    • o Example:
      • ■ Appts on 4/1/19, 4/27/19, 5/12/19, 5/28/19, 6/14/19, 6/30/19
      • ■ 6/30/19, PiH Status gained!! —>>> 7/2/19, Status lost!!
      • ■ 7/14/19, Status regained! —>>> 7/28/19, Status lost!!


  • ➢ Purchase a 6- or 12-pack of 60/90/120 min massage services
  • ➢ PiH designee must be selected at time of package purchase; otherwise, PiH active status will automatically default to purchaser and cannot be transferred at any time.
  • ➢ Status granted for 90 days from date of purchase
  • ➢ Active status must be maintained in accordance with Elite qualifications after initial 90 days. If maintained properly, Platinum participants will automatically be given the earned “Elite” PiH active status and will be eligible for the additional benefits granted such status.


**Benefits can only be obtained with “Active” PiH Status

  • ➢ Complementary 90 min Birthday Massage!
    • o Service must be scheduled/obtained within 7 days prior to or immediately following birthday as noted on identification.
  • ➢ 10% off all services, fees, and products
    • o Cannot be combined with any other discount, promotion, or package
  • ➢ Every 7th qualified massage within the preceding 3 month period is on us!
    • o A qualified massage is one that is purchased at no more than a 10% discount off the then-current base rate
    • o Pre-paid (6/12 pack) massages excluded in count
    • o Gifted massage excluded in count
    • o All qualifying services must be paid for and received by PiH receiving the 7th (complementary) service.
  • ➢ Successfully refer 3 clients, receive a complementary 90 min massage
    • o Services purchased by referring-client excluded
    • o A successful referral is one who schedules and pays for their own massage service
      • ■ Add-ons excluded
  • ➢ Access to most recent promotional discounts, whether publicly available or not
    • o I.e., 6- and 12-pack discounts, which are only available 2x throughout the year to the public
    • o Limit 2 additional non-active promotions per year
    • o Promotional discounts and rates subject to change according to current base-rates
      • ■ I.E., April 2019 6-Pack @ 21% off each service at $160 per 90 min service -> $758.84
        • • July 2019, the 90 min service rate changed to $180
          • o a PiH would like to purchase a 6-Pack
          • o the 6-Pack in July 2019 would therefore cost a total of $853.20.
  • ➢ Clients cannot “share” PiH status regardless of relationship to each other
  • ➢ Terms and conditions are subject to changes which may be made effective immediately at any time. Massage Over Matter may, at their discretion, honor old terms and conditions for up to 30 days after any changes are made public via this site.

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